Back home. Now what?


When people arrive back at home after a stay in the hospital and/or rehab center, something may go wrong. The “something” I am talking about is that people don’t always realize that you have to work  hard to get your body back on track, or at least to stay on track. I have written about this earlier, which is why I decided to write about it in English today.

This week I have met a couple of people who didn’t do anything after they returned home. So, whether your doctor recommended something to you or not, it is important to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Keep moving. Make sure you do something in the area of sport to give your body a regular workout. In the Netherlands the place for adapted excercise is the fysiotherapist. The best is to go to one with training in the area of neurological disorders. If one of those isn’t available, ensure that you work with a regular physiotherapist and ask your doctor for instructions for the physiotherapist.
  • Train your brain. It depends on your handicap what kind of training that should be, but there are different games online available to train certain areas of your brain. Again check out the site of the stroke foundation in your area to find suitable games and excercises
  • Ensure you have mental support. To cope with the loss of certain skills or tasks or your job, it is important to have professional support to get a grip on things. This can be done by a specialized therapist or psychologist.
  • Check your safety at home. It is important to ensure that all transfers, movements, grips, etc are up to the regular safety standards. An Ergotherapist can help to analyze whether you are not too tired (work-rest balance) and  how you can use certain tools to  move around in a safe manner.
  • Make sure you do something fun with ‘Normal’ people. From my own personal experience it has been very good to participate in a ceramics class, and a silversmithing class. As long as you talk to the instructor to explore whether you can participate safely, it is great to make something in the midst of a group of ‘normal’ people, outside the “handicapped” zone.

While these are simple recommendations, there are many people I meet who don’t follow any of them. It really improves the quality of your life when you do.

Good luck1